Saturday, 10 March 2018

History of Padray Energy Company

Padray energy engineering company established in 2004 with the aim of creating innovation and facilitate the achievement of modern technology Iranian companies and participate in the development and improvement of existing structures in the electricity industry of the country and provide engineering technical services in the field of consultancy, design, procurement and implementation of electricity industry projects of the country.

This company in order to pay more attention to its clients trust always incoming technical capabilities, compliance with the latest technology and coordination with technical and financial needs of domestic companies as a criterion in selecting products to market and provides in consideration to offers products from prestigious European manufacturers.

 The company is proud that, in addition to providing the required equipment in the power electricity industry of the country, with reliance on the technical knowledge of their managers, engineers and experts to provide technical and engineering services including training, consulting, design, procurement and implementation of Substation Automation Systems(SAS) and Power Protection System in power transmission and distribution systems in the different sectors of the utility, electrical industry, oil and gas industry.

The most important tasks of Padray Energy Engineering Company during its activities have always been “after-sale service” and “customer service”. Padray’s technical engineers are always vigilant to provide the best services to the clients.

 Padray Energy Engineering Company is an exclusive agent of two big Spanish manufacturers stated below:

1. INGETEAM Power Technology S.A.

 This company has manufactured Protective relay & Substation Automation Syatem (SAS) with IEC-61850 Protocol.

All equipment have designed and built for different voltage level up to 400 kV.

2. Electrotecnica ARTECHE Smart Grid, S.L.

 This company has manufactured Auxiliary relay , Test block and Test plug  , GPS & Voltage and Current transformer up to 800KV

 It should be noted that all the above equipment is produced in Spain